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Hello babes! how's it going?  2020 is the year that none of us was expecting, The Babes had touring plans which for obvious reasons didn't happen, however, we still keep those options open and we are planning already our 2021.  Yes, still the same America tour and new countries in Europe.  Due to COVID-19, our album has been postponed, hopefully we get Animal in the studio in the next couple of weeks and we can start from there.

Toni No is an artist from Barcelona, the first time we toured there, he made a cool drawing of us and ever since, we chit chat now and then.  As many of you know on August 4th, a big explosion destroyed Beirut, and unfortunately, thousands of people lost their homes, and hundreds of animals were injured from the glass and some got displaced from their homes and families.  We put our energy together and after talking with Toni No, he made a special drawing of us, which we decided to print on T-shirts and Tote bags in Red or White color only!  


The resources allocated to the sale of T-shirts and Tote bags will be used to support:


50% to Animals Lebanon

50% to Lebanese Red Cross


This tragedy is touching The Babes family, since our 6th babe, who is part of the band is from Beirut.  Diala has been supporting us with her art and graphic design for our CD, logo, gigs flyers, moral support, selling our merchandise in festivals or venues, recording engineering assistant, promotion and booking for The Babes, and last but not least, Mao's partner in crime.  This money that we are collecting is not for her, but yes for the people and animals that got affected in the Beirut explosion.  


From The Babes, we would like to send our hearts and love to our Beirutis family.


If you would like to support this cause visit our shop and if you would like to know more about Toni No, you can visit his Facebook and Instagram:

Thank you all for your support, together we can make a big impact, we will keep you posted in terms of how much we can get together!

Meanwhile, keep rockin' and see you hopefully soon!



new year, new decade, news!!!

Happy 2020! sending you hugs and thanking you for your support the last 2019!

First of all, we would like to tell you that we have a very exciting year with lots of news!

We are looking to be touring a couple of countries in America, a few new countries in Europe and hopefully a new country in Asia!!! keep in touch with us here or our Facebook page!


We are getting material ready for recording what is our new album BIG & HUGE, we have been playing some of the new songs in our gigs already, so feel free to check our Spotify page and listen Literally a Single, aka Condemned and Only Life We Know.

If you are a promoter, label, venue, and would like to support us playing your event, get in touch with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your support and keep rockin' 


The Babes

no mames wey tour 
mexico 2019

Mexico: are you ready? because we are coming! first of all, we would like to let you know that we are going to be touring with Oscar Herbas on drums.  Oscar plays bass for The Scandals TX, and also played with Matt while touring with Blitz the USA twice!

Here are the dates and venues for our No Mames Wey Tour - Mexico 2019.


06/12 - Querétaro @ Posada Punk, Carrillo Puerto,

07/12 - Toluca @ Villa Rock Toluca Fest

08/12 - Ciudad de Mexico @ Invasion Punk Internacional, Salon Valentinos

10/12 - Los Reyes de Paz @ Vomito Nuclear Tattoo Shop

11/12 - Ciudad de Mexico @ Gato Calavera,

12/12 - Ecatepec @ Convivencia Obsesión Posesiva tattoo

13/12 - Ciudad de Mexico @ Punk Art Tattoo LaKatrina, Studio 184

14/12 - Ciudad de Mexico @ Tianguis Cultural El Chopo

15/12 - Zapotitlán @ JuguetiRock 2019, Sport Club

15/12 - Ecatepec @ El Clandestino,

only life we know

Only Life We Know is our second single released from "Literally a Single"

You can buy it in our music section here, also, you can buy it in all the platforms of music online (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, etc), recorded in June at Overdrive Studios by the Life of Strife Productions team! the song has been mixed, produced and mastered by Mao Holiday, the art cover by Diala Nammour and the music by The Babes!

Remember that we have a sexy TOTE BAG, in our online shop as well!

Last but not least: Mexico, we can't wait to be there! keep in touch with our Facebook page for more info!

C  O  M  D  E  M  N  E  D

We are releasing our new single CONDEMNED, recorded in June at Overdrive Studios by the Life of Strife Productions team! the song has been mixed, produced and mastered by Mao Holiday and all we can say is that you are going to hear more of this from now on.  


"Condemned" is the name of the song,  "Literally a single" is the name of the release.  This is the first of the 2 singles that we are going to be releasing online after two years of promoting "Greetings from London".  Buying this single directly from our website will help us to press "BIG & HUGE" which is the name of our album coming up. 


We are a DIY band: we recorded, mixed, produced and mastered the songs ourselves. Putting a Crowdfunding where we ask you for money without making any effort, is not part of our ethics, so we prefer to be selling this song on our website and YOU WILL NAME THE PRICE (starting at £0.59 instead of selling it straight for £0.99).  


Also, Condemned will be available in all major online stores from 9th Oct 2019.  You can buy the song in iTunes, Spotify, etc, and that will be nice as well since any support to the band is welcome and we appreciate it, however, we will get a few pennies after selling the song online from these platforms, which helps to promote The Babes music but doesn't give us enough money to release the album.


Forgot to mention that we have a sexy TOTE BAG, you can check it out in our online shop as well!

See you around and thanks for your support!


we haven't been lost, just touring and recording!

It's been a while since the last time we posted anything here, so since Strive for Live Fest we have been: 

-  Playing Rebellion Festival (Main Stage)

-Spring Bearded Gathering Festival

-Our tour Only Life We Know (UK, France, Belgium & Ireland!)

-Recording two singles (Only Life We Know & Condemned) with Life of Strife Productions

Also, we are getting ready to play Morecambe Punk Festival! We will be on stage  Saturday 16 and you can buy tickets by clicking right here

Also, to our Mexican brothers, get ready because we are touring M E X I C O starting December 6 to the 16, so keep an eye here for more information!

See you around! XXX The Babes!



The Babes will be performing in Strive for Live Fest 2019, Featuring Disturbance (Holland), Disorder (Bristol), Human Dogfood(France), B.A.M (Switzerland), Rabies Babies, Scum System Kill and, Panico Al Miedo (Barcelona).  This festival is the launching of Mao's recording production company, so if you are in a band or you are a solo artist and, you would like to record a demo, a song, an album professionally (Recording engineering, Mixing, Production, and Mastering), you can get in touch via Facebook or drop us an email! Strive for Live Fest is holding 150 tickets only and you can buy them via

ticket tailor:



***MAIN STAGE AT REBELLION FESTIVAL 2019, Moracombe festival, Bearded Theory festival 2019, and strive for live fest 2019!!!!!!***


The Babes are excited to tell you, that we will be performing the biggest punk festival on earth once again! last August 2018, we had the opportunity to play at the Rebellion Introducing Stage, where we shared the stage with bands from the UK, Europe, USA, Mexico, and Brazil.  We got contacted again and we can confirm that you will have the chance to see us again (or maybe it will be your first time) in one of the MAIN STAGES at REBELLION FESTIVAL  All we can say is that we are very grateful for this opportunity! also, we will be performing at
MORACOMBE PUNK FESTIVAL (It will be in November and we will let you know more as soon as we know more details), BEARDED THEORY FESTIVAL where we will be performing on May 25, and also STRIVE FOR LIVE FEST, which will be at DIY for London on February 23.  This festival is promoted DIY by Mao Holiday and his amazing team, The bands that will be playing this international festival are: DISTURBANCE (Holland), HUMAN DOGFOOD (France), DISORDER (Bristol) BAM (Switzerland), PANICO AL MIEDO (Barcelona), RABIES BABIES, SCUM SYSTEM KILL and THE BABES (This last 3 bands from London).  STRIVE FOR LIVE FEST, is a Festival where we will be releasing some of the bands that Mao has been recording and producing himself with his recording engineering company Life of Strife.  Tickets are on sale now, and to be honest, you better get them quick (There are only 153 tickets available) You can purchase the tickets here


Also, The Babes are glad to inform you that from November 2018, we will be performing with a new member: Adriano (Apocalypse Addiction), who will be playing guitar with us, drinking beer with you and having fun all together!


We decided to give one last chance to someone talented that will help us to shape and improve our style, we might sound different, more powerful and exciting, we don't know yet, however, what we know is that you better come over and take a look of what we are cooking now!!!




TOUR IS OVER, but not the babes!


So, first of all, we would like to thank every single person that came over to our shows to have a pint with us. Honestly, this tour was the first one (besides the first actual Mainland Europe tour, where all the cities were new to us as a band), and all we can say is damned that was soooooo good! We want to come back! thank you all for your support, promoters, bands, old and new friends, we had a blast!

Also in August 3rd, we played Rebellion, and for The Babes every single show is important, we take it seriously due we know how hard it is to put up a show and promote it, etc etc etc.  For that reason, we would like to let you know that Steve is no longer drumming with The Babes.  We also would like to thank our brothers of Migraña Social for supporting us with Kike, featuring on drums Rebellion Festival.  We have been playing squads, garages, venues, farms, parking lots, ships and every single place has been a wonderful experience that has been taking us this far, Music is our passion and no member is more important than the actual band, that's why you will see Animal on drums from now on (yes, animal!) If you don't know him, come over to our next shows in September in London and discover the new babe!.



* ****Rebellion festival 2018*****


We Will be playing on Friday, August 3rd at the Rebellion Introducing Stage!hell yeah! the biggest punk festival on planet earth will be having us right there! 

Some of the bands that are playing that day are The Exploited, GBH, Angelic Upstarts, The Mac Lads, Union 13, Subhumans, Sick on the Bus, Warwound, Anti Nowhere League, Maid of Ace, Dedo Podre, Red Alert, Headsticks, BKS, Blind Man Death,  StareCat and the underdogs, The Empty Bottles, Knife 49, The Racing Nathans, The riders of the night, Sindicato Oi, Subalternos, Vertigo, Violet, Zero Zero, And Many more!


Remember to get your tickets on time you can purchase it here





October 26, 2017


London Celtic Punks reviewed our album! and all we want to say is BIG THANKS! to give you a hint: "The energy is boundless and infectious and if maybe The Babes are best experienced live they have done as good a job as could ever be done in transferring that live sound onto a disc. Greetings From London is a refreshingly raw album that goes to show that there is still plenty of room in the celtic-punk scene and it’s not all played out. Just as you think the scene has got stale and there’s never going to be another band coming along that doesn’t instantly remind you of something else then one appears and this time it’s The Babes". You can read more HERE!





SEPTEMBER 24, 2017



We will be playing our debut album "Greetings from London" at The Gunners Pub this OCTOBER 14. We will have the company of our friends of JAWLESS and NAUSEA BOMB who are coming from Paris with their amazing energy! if you don't know them yet, Nausea Bomb is, a blend of punk and psychobilly, with ska, Oi! , surf music, country & Celtic folk influences!


London and Brighton get ready for this double trouble!!! 14 & 15 of October, more info on our page event HERE! 




SEPTEMBER 10 / 2017



We just got back from our tour!


  • Paris (Borderline Fest), we raised over £900 for the Refugees! We are happy to know that our music supports those in need, happy to support BAAM and happy to be playing for all you love birds out there. Special thanks to Diala, what an honor to know you, gold heart! Also to your team,  the Restarts, Cavale, Subfobias and Made in Gibraltar, Artists, and of course, those who came over to the festival! you guys rock! Our buddy Florent got some hot videos that you can watch HERE And if you are in the mood for some pics then click HERE


  • Brittany, Amazing hospitality from "l'autre monde" Thanks, guys! glad to know that you had lots of fun!


  • Biel (Switzerland): Thanks to those at El Dorado, it was fun hangin' out with you all and getting to know such a cool people! Our friend Denis took a lot of hot photos, click HERE to see them! We had an awesome time and all we can say is: we will see you again!!! 


  • The Hague (Holland): The Vinger is one of those places that bring us wonderful memories! glad to see people from last February and also those who came from other cities in Holland, Belgium and kick-ass Paris!!!! Special thanks to the Fuzz Brats for their support, you guys were great! 


  • Antwerp (Belgium): Antwerp Music City was lots of fun! thanks to the bands for giving us the chance to be head leading! and special thanks to Annabel and Tony, we will see you again!


Last but not least, thanks to all the bands we shared the stage with! it was great performing with all you guys, those who came over and had fun and those who keep supporting us anywhere and everywhere!!!!



B  A  R  C  E  L  O  N  A  !  !  !

October 26, 2017



We are going to be in Barcelona performing at La Floresta on Friday with 2084 (PUNK Bcn), Extirpala (PUNK Txirona), Via Crucis (METAL Kcn, Mercenarios 77 (PUNK Txirona), There will also be a photo exhibition REFUGEES WELCOME! 


Saturday we are playing in Ripollet with LA TARA, you can see these two events in our Tour page





November 21, 2017



First of all: We got one more review!  Celtic Folk-punk took their time to listen to our CD and all we can say is: thank you so very much, you guys rock! Special thanks to Waldo! you can read more over H E R E


*  We played Barcelona and it was madness, a gig to remember especially when they declared independence... Thanks to all those who took care of The Babes, and our amigos Silvia and Toni No for working on this drawing of us, you guys rock and you can see it  H E R E


* We just played last Friday at The Ealing and it was fun, so much fun that we got hired to play at a Hen's party! also, we have THE COOLEST NEWS EVER, however, we can't say anything YET, Just to tell you that we can't wait to open up and spread the news to the world yayyyyy!!!


LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we are booking already for next year, so if you want us playing in your town, don't be shy, drop us an email, we won't bite you!





    G r e e t I n g s   f r o m   l o n d o n:   

ONE OF THE BEST 40 albums of the Year!!!

DECEMBER 27, 2017


Celtic Folk Punk is the first European e-zine in English about Celtic punk, Celtic Rock, Folk Punk, etc and they released THE BEST OF 2017 CELTIC PUNK / ROCK ALBUMS AND CELTIC PUNK / ROCK EPS AND MINI-ALBUMS! and yes, we are on the list!!!  No, we are not here to compete or to be the number one, we do music because it is what we love, and it's a surprise that we are in that list, in or out of it, we would like to thank Celtic Folk-punk for their support over the year.


2017 has been a wonderful year:  We released two video clips, toured Mainland Europe and England, released our first album, shared the stage with some of our favorite bands and also new cool bands and last but not least we played for you and you have been supporting us all this time!!! 


There is no doubt that 2018 is going to be better! more tours, more gigs, and more fun! We will be playing January with our friends of DISORDER, supporting our brother Taf and some more exciting news to be told!

Meanwhile, The Babes just want to thank you all for your support and we just want to wish you a Happy New Year, keep rockin' and we will see you in the pit! xoxo





greetings from london: TOP 30 albums of 2017!!!

January 25, 2018



London Celtic Punk is the #1 Webzine in the United Kingdom specialized in Celtic, punk, rock music, being not only putting new bands on the scene, but also supporting many of us reviewing albums (Yes, they did review our album!) and also putting gigs for love to the art (Yes, they did put us supporting Under a Banner & Headsticks and many other gigs!), Well this time they did their list of The best Celtic-Punk albums of the year, plus the best EP's, Folk releases and web-site.  As much as we play our music because it is what we love doing, we can't deny the fact that we are proud to be on the map and knowing that people listen to our music and enjoy it! you can take a look at the list on their website!!!


Last but not least, we are booking for our summer European tour! visiting new countries and those cities where we have played before so Czech Republic, Hungary, Hamburg, Berlin, Slovakia, Munich, Luxembourg, and Denmark, keep an eye open because we are coming soon!






February 21, 2018


Maximum Rocknroll MRM, is the most important punk magazine in the USA, that has been supporting the punk scene since 1982, and every month they are releasing an issue where you can read about new bands all over the world and kindly they took their time to listen to our album and tell us their opinion about our music.  “There’s a sort of angry driving punk rhythm section and vocals, along with single note squeals which MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL brings to mind actually the more out there lo-fi post-punk of the late ’70s and early 80’s more so than a Disorder with bagpipes, definitely a bit odd” 


Maximumrocknroll MRR (USA) Magazine review




thank you Marvin !!!!!

March 17, 2018



As many of you guys know Marvin decided to leave The Babes, He wants to focus on his studies and projects so his decision was made. The choice was up to him and we are glad that he made up his mind, we had lots of fun and we learned from each other for the past 3 years, that’s why we want to thank him and wish him the best on his upcoming projects. 


However we carry on and continue our journey, to us The Babes is not a hobby band: we love what we do and we have shows coming up, tour, videos, beers and fun, that’s why we would like to introduce the babe that will be kicking ass on drums, for all of you: Dave Grohl!! Ha! just kidding! he was calling the whole week and we just can’t handle, that’s why Steve (Gurgle, Kilburn Bomb Squad) is the man who will team up with us. Welcome, Steve! (Check our gallery)





Life of strife productions: the babes recording 

APRIL 12, 2018


Hello there! As many of you know, Mao Holiday is a music producer and engineer and along with Matt Ren Ex who is a music technician and a team of engineers and producers, they are starting their business Life of Strife Productions. So if you are in a band, a solo artist or just want to stop singing in the shower and start recording your beautiful voice, get in touch with us! anywhere you are WE CAN COME OVER AND RECORD YOU or just come over to our studios in Deptford (Overdrive Studios). Also, feel free to check their Facebook and let's start a revolution babe!




        France: are you ready for the babes?

APRIL 20, 2018


Bonjour! We are getting ready for our 3 shows coming up in France!!!

We will be playing some of our new material and the first cities that will be able to enjoy our new songs are Bavel, Paris, and Mauriac: we can’t wait to be there this May 4-5-6!!! take a look at our tour page and plan your weekend!!

If you have any questions let us know!




           Flesh & Wires, Only life we know, D&G,                   condemned

May 9, 2018


We had a wonderful time with our French brothers! we played for the first time few new songs that will be delivered for our SUMMER REBELLION TOUR 2018 ON A 7"

We just would like to thank the promoters and those who came over to support us! it was nice seeing our brothers from Bretagne, that came all the way down to Mauriac and we had the chance to have a beer with! making new friends on the road is a wonderful experience always! We can't wait to get back and kick some ass soon!





MAY 15, 2018


Next May 26 we will be sharing the stage for the first time with our French mates of BREAKOUT! they are doing half of the world tour and will stop in London at the Beehive.  The show is being promoted by Life of Strife Productions and we can't wait to see a lot of you guys there! come over have a pint and support our Breakout mates!  The last time they played London was 4 years ago, so don't wait for 4 more years to get to see them live again!



*****Rebellion festival 2018*****

January 25, 2018

October 26, 2017

For Booking and Tour Enquiries  contact us @

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